Government as a Service (GaaS)

For those of you who may not be familiar with the whole ‘as a Service’ thing, the above title could just as easily read “Government as an Operating System”.

The point being is that as civilization progresses (well hopefully), it’s various government and other organizational institutions should start taking care of more and more of life’s common issues freeing up the populace to get on with specific tasks required to effect their respective life goals.

Such goals would probably be better achieved if common denominator issues were part of this remit such as…

  • Education
  • Health care

If one looks at the general purpose of an operating system, one notices that it performs similar duties. An operating system takes care of reading and writing files to disk, handling internet connections, managing memory, security, etc. This allows the user to get on with more interesting things.

If we’re stuck with big government, why not get something out of it.

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