User Replaceable Batteries

In years gone by, it was possible to replace batteries in mobile phones. Well, some of them anyway. This now no longer appears to be the case.

The Samsung Note 7 would have greatly benefited from this feature.

No doubt the promotional blurb spouts a slew of advantages as to this design change, but all the while missing out and one big negative.

The big ‘negative’ is that it means your phone can never really be switched off. Yes, it can be powered down, but while the battery is still connected, is it ever really off? This means you don’t know whether, despite being off, it’s still listening to you, tracking you, having kiddie porn installed without your knowledge.

You could put your phone in one of those Faraday pouches / containers. That’s all well and good until you take it back out again. At that time, all that private data that’s been gathered whilst in the pouch will be uploaded to wherever.

This is course, is a cynical perspective. The powers that be love you. Please don’t worry yourself.

Pair Programming

Following up on the critically acclaimed ‘Agile’ article below (or somewhere), if you further want to strip your technical staff of any sense of ownership, accountability or responsibility, go ahead and introduce pair programming into their daily activities.

Fungible Partners

Whilst you’re working all hours to make a success of your household, I hope it has occurred to you that your partner can immediately upgrade their situation by simply finding someone else. This can happen whether you’ve been together for 5 years or 30. Ask yourself this, is your partner really in it for the long haul? There are those that are, please let it be the one you’re with.

Agile (IT Process)

As a manager, if you ever want to treat your team like a bunch of children, demonstrate a complete lack of trust and otherwise assume they’re incompetent at their jobs, then introduce the Agile methodology into your organization.

Completely Unbelievable Fiction

The following picture shows a scene from Star Trek Picard. It reveals an apparent new Starfleet Headquarters marina built off the Pacific coast near the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Anyone who is familiar with the enviro-nutjobs that teem all over the golden state will realize that such a thing would never be allowed to happen. What’s next in this show? An episode where the California Coastal Commission, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and Army Corps of Engineers get defunded (as America reverts back to capitalism)? No way! One can only suspend disbelief to a point!

Actually cannot see any boats, but given that the enviro-wankers have turned the South Bay into a slowly growing sludgy marshland, the fact that there’s a coastal development at all really is a stretch.