Pair Programming

Following up on the critically acclaimed ‘Agile’ article below (or somewhere), if you further want to strip your technical staff of any sense of ownership, accountability or responsibility, go ahead and introduce pair programming into their daily activities.

Fungible Partners

Whilst you’re working all hours to make a success of your household, I hope it has occurred to you that your partner can immediately upgrade their situation by simply finding someone else. This can happen whether you’ve been together for 5 years or 30. Ask yourself this, is your partner really in it for the long haul? There are those that are, please let it be the one you’re with.

Agile (IT Process)

As a manager, if you ever want to treat your team like a bunch of children, demonstrate a complete lack of trust and otherwise assume they’re incompetent at their jobs, then introduce the Agile methodology into your organization.

Completely Unbelievable Fiction

The following picture shows a scene from Star Trek Picard. It reveals an apparent new Starfleet Headquarters marina built off the Pacific coast near the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. Anyone who is familiar with the enviro-nutjobs that teem all over the golden state will realize that such a thing would never be allowed to happen. What’s next in this show? A rubber spaceship that bounces off planets to get around the universe? Come on, can only suspend belief to a point!

Actually cannot see any boats, but given that the enviro-wankers have turned the South Bay into a slowly growing sludgy marshland, the fact that there’s a coastal development at all really is a stretch.

The Netherlands Joins The 1,000 Club

Yesterday (according to, specifically time_series_covid19_deaths_global.csv), The Netherlands joined the 1,000 dead club yesterday, meaning there are over 1,000 reported dead from COVID-19. Based on this dubious milestone, they’ve now been added to the ‘Death Plot’ (blue-ish line currently between the US and UK lines on the logarithmic plot).

The annoying thing is that the US and UK plots do not appear to be flattening out on the logarithmic chart. The gradient for each appears to be constant meaning that in the y = nx realm, meaning n is not getting smaller like it is for the other countries.